This is my test blog for now. I’ll be mirroring posts to my blogs.rice.edu blog for the next month or so.

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  1. I’m about to go on a “Virtual Book Tour” for WORDS OF A FEATHER (McGraw-Hill). I wonder if you’d like your blog to be one of the spots on the tour. The book features 150 humorous mini-essays that explain the puzzling but true–and often zany–connections between word pairs such as:
    * cosmos & cosmetics
    * erudite & rude
    * flatulence & inflation
    * opera & special ops
    * president & sedentary
    * rectitude & rectum
    * riddle & read
    * salon & saloon

    Poet Billy Collins wrote that Words of a Feather “belongs on every word-maven’s favorite shelf.” If you prefer making your own assessment, you can find excerpts at http://www.wordsofafeather.NET, where there’s also an interactive quiz that some people find amusing.

    If you’d be interested in participating, I’d be happy to write a short, original piece for your site. Of course, McGraw-Hill would include your site in all publicity regarding the tour.

    Best wishes,

    Murray Suid
    Point Reyes Station, California

  2. Hello! Please forgive me if this post is inappropriate, but I couldn’t find a direct email address on your blog. I’m Anton and I’m launching my new blog dealing with language translation issues and would appreciate the opportunity to discuss mutual collaboration. You can contact me if you like at anton [at] icanlocalize {dot} com. Thanks!