Copyright notice

It occurs to me that nowhere on this site do I have any copyright statement, and since someone recently decided that it was ok to republish a heap of posts on their own site without my permission, it’s time I was explicit about this.

All thoughts, ideas and words appearing on this site are mine (except where otherwise attributed) and do not necessarily represent the views of my university or funding bodies. Moreover, content appearing on may not be republished without a) due acknowledgment and b) my written permission.

aka hic blog est meus. Testis est Deus. Qui furatur fur nominatur. or, if you prefer, hic blog est meus, post mortem nescio cujus, which seems to be a legit. variant, if more appropriate to print media than to electronic. And in Bardi for good measure (after all, we should have these legal niceties in all civilised languages: ginyinggi milimili ngaynimjan. Ambooriny laanybib oongkinyajan ginyinggi, laanybiidi ngankiya.