Standard Average Australian

My slides for my recent Association for Linguistic Typology Talk on “Standard Average Australian” are now available on Zenodo. The slides are self-explanatory, I think, and the Zenodo page has the long abstract that I submitted to the ALT for conference review. In brief, the talk is about the (largely unreferenced) claims that many Australianists (including me, I should add) have made about the languages of the country.

I am currently writing up the results for submission to Linguistic Typology. Thanks very much to the ALT conference participants, particularly the Australianists I talked to about this.


2 responses to “Standard Average Australian

  1. Trying to get in touch with Claire Bowern
    to find out if has anyone done any work on the Jawi language or the
    the language that is spoken by those who identify as Mayala .. eastern Jawi…

  2. Hi Sarah, Howard Coate made some tapes, and there is some information in the Laves materials, but not a lot. If you send me an email I can try to help (

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