Great digital tools

Nick Thieberger has a great post on new digital tools in the humanities (bleeding over into linguistics). It’s been a while since I’ve done any trawling for new programs and it looks like there are plenty of new things available for lots of different types of projects. Some are a big enigmatic for my liking. NewRadial, for example is ‘data analysis for the humanities,’ but exactly what that entails isn’t exactly clear. Catma looks kind of useful though. I can imagine using it to tag texts for interesting grammatical features, for example. Text Analysis Markup System is another program in the same vein.

I couldn’t quite see the point of voyant-tools, though it does produce pretty word graphics. Nodex looks like it might be a handy network mapping tool (e.g. for mapping loanword data). It’s windows-only though, I see. OpenHeatMap is a simpler version of google’s fusion tables. Lots of bibliographical software here, including some nice plugins for Zotero. And here’s a list of transcription tools.


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