Aboriginal Languages Project for ABC Open


The Eastern States Aboriginal Languages Group is working with Suzanne Taylor of ABC Open Wodonga running a project called “Our Mother Tongue”. The intention of the project is to raise awareness of Languages and language programs in the general public. Initially the project is being piloted in Victoria with films being made about three Victorian languages and radio programs and promos being run on regional stations across Victoria through NAIDOC and the following weeks.
Next week Suzanne will be meeting with the ABC Open powers that be to advocate for the project to run nationally. This would mean that for the next year the 50 ABC Open producers around Australia would each produce stories about their local languages and programs.
It would be great if you could have a look at the films and drop a line or two of feedback down the bottom of the blog. Sharing and cross posting the stories are also appreciated. Comments about how you’d like to see a story like this made in your region, or the region you work in, will particularly help Suzanne in her pitch for National uptake.
Two films made so far are below:
Here is an extended article Suzanne wrote for ABC Sydney on the Wiradjuri program:
Thank you very much for your time in this regard
Carolyn Barker
Faith Baisden
Eastern States Aboriginal Languages Group

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