Public domain pictures of Australian fauna

I just came across, and it’s great. I am continuing to work (albeit slowly) on the Bardi dictionary, and one of the tasks is finding good illustrations for the plants and animals that have been identified in Bardi country. Coming up with good pictures can be difficult. It’s a web/electronic dictionary, so they can be in colour, but the pictures need to be good illustrations of the relevant species and ideally they would show distinguishing markings. Ideally, they would be taken in the an environment similar to the area around One Arm Point. And it would make things much simpler if the pictures were either in the public domain, or at least able to reproduced without breaking the law. I have many pictures of One Arm Point: last time I was on fieldwork I spent an afternoon taking photos of everything I could think of, with an eye to illustrating the dictionary. But we have hundreds of plants and animals in the dictionary, and there are some that I’d prefer not to get close enough to photograph, like this sea snake:

Sea has a nice range of pictures, many of which are sourced from public domain or sharable sites.

One response to “Public domain pictures of Australian fauna

  1. Oo great! Thanks for this yapa. Good timing for me too with trying to build up a Marra online dictionary :-)

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