Community vignette

Every so often I get a really good example of how tourists do really odd (and off) things that it would never occur to them to do in their own suburbs. Things like driving round the streets taking photos of the locals. There was a pretty good example last week. Some chick about my age came into the school carrying a puppy that looked rather like the one I’ve seen at Bessie’s house. She asked at the office if it belonged to anyone in the community, because “I’ve been looking for a dog and I’d like to take this one.” The office set her straight that it did, in fact, belong to someone (you’d think the fact that it was clean and well-fed – i,e, that the chick with her designer shirt was willing to pick it up – might be a clue that it belonged to someone). When I left a short time later I had a stickybeak in her car and the dog wasn’t with her, so I take it that Jayirri ended up back home ok.

Look, people, communities are places where people live, and they aren’t places for white people to come and pinch stuff and generally gawk and behave like jerks.

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