Language Resources Feedback

I’ve been getting some feedback from community people about language resources, so I thought I’d share some of the comments about resources that people particularly liked.

Top of the list is the google earth .kmz file of Bardi place names; I did the original field work, some of it was based on Gedda Aklif’s work, and Laura Kling did a lot of additional work in transferring information from the dictionary to the place information tags.

Next was the story tapes. I did some individual story recording tracks, but it seems that some people have quite enjoyed the original field tapes themselves as well. I got a comment that someone liked the way I had let the old people talk, and put down what was important to them, without interrupting and asking too many questions (this was not exactly by design, it was just because I didn’t know very much, and I was lucky to work with people who had thought a lot about their culture and were able to talk reflexively about it.

Third was the Laves materials. These have turned out to be quite important in Native Title.

The school materials have all gone missing, as has the tape catalogue and all the tapes I made for the school. Can’t say I’m too impressed with that; it’s lessened my desire to spend a few thousand dollars of grant money giving them a set of volume two and a few copies of the reference grammar, I must say.


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