Week 1

Two and a bit days of work last week since I got to One Arm Point on Wednesday. So far:

  • Finished up all but one of the Laves stories that we didn’t get to last time (mostly checking if BE knew the stories that are only there in English).
  • Checked the ethnography section of the grammar for appropriateness of inclusion of the material; got some useful additions and corrections too.
  • Made a bit of a start on grammar. That wasn’t quite as successful (though not surprising; BE’s real strengths for language work are story-telling, culture, and things like example sentences for the dictionary, less so translation and grammaticality judgements).
  • I also made some headway in sorting through all the individual story files that my student Laura chopped up, in preparation for a web-based story archive for the office and school culture program.

And, to my great pleasure – I was wrong about the number of Bardi speakers. I have never been more happy about being wrong (except maybe when I found out that the number of Yan-nhangu speakers I’d been told about was also wrong).


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