Elan 4.1

From Han Sloetjes:

We are pleased to announce the release of ELAN version 4.1.0.

This version introduces the Transcription mode, a new working mode
geared to rapid and convenient entering of text into existing segments
(annotations). The main element in this mode is a spreadsheet-like table
displaying the annotations of selected tiers. Working in this mode is
keyboard-driven; typing text, navigating to other cells, starting the
media playback of a segment can all be done by using the keyboard only.
The existing Segmentation function has moved from a separate window into
the main window and is now one of the four modes that are accessible via
the Options menu. Switching between tiers in the Segmentation mode has
become much easier and the created segments can be corrected by dragging
with the mouse.
There are two new and improved functions for processing multiple files:
annotations from overlaps and annotation statistics. The structured
multiple file search has been extended with support for the Annotator
attribute in the tier selection boxes and the number of rows and columns
of the query matrix in the multiple layer search can now be set by the user.
The new add participant function allows for creation of a group of tiers
for a new participant based on an existing group of tiers. Tier
attributes can now be applied to many tiers simultaneously, based on the
hierarchy or on the type of the tiers.

Information on other new features, changes and bug fixes can be found
in the release notes at

2 responses to “Elan 4.1

  1. More on details on on Transcription mode, the major addition in this new release, can be found here: Transcription mode in ELAN.

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