Elan and Sendpraat redux

I has an earlier post on sendpraat and praat with Elan. Here’s an update from Han Sloetjes (via Ruth Singer).

It’s possible that there’s an issue with the file permissions, and this needs to be fixed in the terminal window:

  • open a Terminal window (Applications/Utilities/Terminal)
  • type “cd ” (without the quotes) and drag the folder where sendpraat is into the Terminal window. This copies the path to the folder. With the Terminal window active, press enter.
  • You should now be “in” the right folder and you can type “ls -al” followed by enter.
  • The output should be something like this:

dhcp68:sendpraat han$ ls -al
-r-xr-xr-x@  1 han  admin  17400 27 mrt  2008 sendpraat
-r-xr-xrwx@  1 han  staff  17400 11 mrt  2008 sendpraat_intel
-rw-r–r–@  1 han  staff  21900 13 jan  2006 sendpraat_ppc

  • If there are no “x” (executable) characters in the first part of the sendpraat line, you can do the following command

chmod 557 sendpraat

  • followed by enter, then try ls -al again to see the changes. If there is an  “x” try again from within ELAN.

4 responses to “Elan and Sendpraat redux

  1. Ok. I give in. Where is the about page for sendpraat? Does this software have a real about page?

  2. I’ve run into this several times with a variety of applications, especially related to python. It’s even more annoying because it seems (correct me if I’m wrong) that you can’t see the executable attribute on Finder (through “Get Info”), you have to open Terminal for that…

  3. I recently had to reinstall sendpraat. I used the instructions here:
    chmod ugo+x sendpraat worked fine. (Praat 5.3.52, Elan 4.6.0)

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