It might be a while

.. before the next linguist review comes out. I am having trouble, not because it’s a “no holds barred” review, but because I’m now reading Tall Man, which is much more interesting, nuanced, and controversial. But we’ll get there.


2 responses to “It might be a while

  1. ‘Tall Man’ got me through a 9hr stop over in Singapore. Having been in QLD for some of the case it made an interesting read. But Chloe Hooper seemed to seemed to be mistaken in thinking that if she could demonstrate that the policeman wasn’t racist then the murder wasn’t really a murder. This piece of logic wasn’t laid out overtly but seemed to underpin most of her defence of Chris Hurley.

  2. At $32.95 for 276 pages, it’s just over a quarter of the per page price of I am a linguist.

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