Pama-Nyungan language coordinates updated

I’ve updated the file of centroid coordinates for Australian languages (particularly Pama-Nyungan) for google earth. The file is available here. Please note the following:

  • Strictly non-commercial use only.
  • I’m interested if anyone uses/downloads the file, so drop me a line if you do!
  • I know that various languages are still misplaced. In particular, I haven’t done much in the way of proofing northern Cape York or Victoria, or South-West WA.
  • This version has some subgroup polygons too. They are wrong; I don’t think that these are the primary subgroups of Pama-Nyungan and many of the borders are incorrectly placed, but they are useful as a background for eyeballing cognate distributions so I’ve included them.

One response to “Pama-Nyungan language coordinates updated

  1. In November 2009 I was involved in recording of Adnyamathanha dreaming stories for the language program of the Nepabunna Community in South Australia.

    I’m particularly interested in this from the technical side, and would be interested to know if there are any ‘standard’ methods of doing this. I ask because on the way home from the project, we happened across a group of tourists whilst stopped for lunch. They had some friends doing a similar project in Far North QLD. I’m not sure if there is a central co-coordinating body for this.


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