More fun stuff with google earth

A while ago I posted a picture and some information about using google earthto display family tree hypotheses. I’ve been doing more things with google earth in the meantime.

One is a .kmz file for Australian languages. Justin Lo has been working on my Pama-Nyungan grant over the summer and he did a lot of the work of added centroid points. We now have a version of the file that can be downloaded. Some further information is available at the Pama-Nyungan grant blog. Let me reiterate that this is a work in progress, there will be new versions, and stuff is gonna change. It’s got mistakes in it, which we will correct as we find them. These are data points (that is, they don’t show the full geographical range of the language area). You can download this file and use it in your research but please ackonwledge the use of the file. Comments, corrections and notes on what you’ve used the data for can be sent to or added as a comment here or at the other blog.


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