Linguist in the news

Jangari‘s in an article in the Sydney Morning Herald!

3 responses to “Linguist in the news

  1. “”Maybe this is the risk of new technologies but I was thinking about Africa and a desperate need for people there who need any educational resource they can get,” he said.”

    I really don’t get this – if this is really the motive, why take stuff that’s freely available online, charge $30 for it, sell it through a site which requires a) online access and b) a credit card?

  2. Exactly!

    There is a temptation for people to say ‘well, we need all the resources we can get’, and to a certain extent, that’s true. But these books aren’t extra resources; they’re downsampled versions of older resources, the original quality of which cannot be ascertained from their more recent re-publication. So, in and of themselves they do not actually contribute anything new to the stock of resources already there for a given language.

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