my inner Turkologist

Friends will know that I am a closet Turkologist, and I had occasion to check out Yale library’s comparative Turkic grammar collection yesterday, and of course to compare it to Harvard’s. Harvard’s is highly oriented towards German Turkology, although there’s a fair amount in English too.

The location cheat sheet at the front of the stacks said to go to floor 1M, but when I got there, that cheat sheet told me to go to 2M. Yale’s Turkic collection, I discovered, has little in German and almost nothing in English. The collection is almost but not quite entirely in Russian (which will be good for me). In amongst the grammars were 3 shelves of trashy Azeri action novels and what looked like Uzbek romance fiction. Harvard definitely didn’t have that…

7 responses to “my inner Turkologist

  1. You checked out the stuff catalogued under the old Yale system too, right? Call number beginning with ‘F’, and on an entirely different floor. I wouldn’t be surprised if the German mat’l were concentrated there. If memory serves…

  2. Ft11ln24 204? yep! Lovely view of West Rock from the 7th Floor. The Uralic and Altaic Studies series was up there. von Gabain was with the Russian stuff, as was Schonig’s thesis. A fair amount is in storage or in Mudd library to judge from the catalogue.

  3. Heh. God, I miss Sterling; the things you could find in the oddest places…

  4. I wish my school had a real library… :(

  5. I’m still spinning out that a google search called up a Bardi reference in this way… wow! I’m of the Bardi mob from my mother’s side – and the irony isn’t lost on me that you speak more of my mother’s language then I (or my mother) does. I live in Perth and I’m guessing you don’t – but you’ve obviously been in country… freaky!

    Wow again… ;-)

  6. Hi! I’ve just sent you an email…

  7. Cheers for that Claire… I replied, and am VERY interested in your very kind offer… many thanks, and even now – today – I’m still going “Wow!”… been telling fellas about it here, they’re as spunout as I am…

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