Another bleg: bibliography conversion

Say someone was editing a well-known historical linguistics text, and one was given stripped ascii text from the publisher and was re-setting the whole thing in LaTeX (because indices, numbering and cross-referencing needed doing, as well as minor and not so minor editorial changes). Say one was faced with the task of the reference list. Now, I/one *could* spend a week or so in google scholar finding the refs, importing them to BibTeX and then another week or so correcting the errors, or one could just type the refs into the database by hand (it’s only 5 pages, after all). If all my grant money weren’t all still at the NSF I’d use the usual solution for such tasks: pay an undergrad.

But this is the age of perl scripting… Does anyone know of a script of some sort that would parse a reference list in standardish format to bibtex (or something that a database like the very cool bibdesk can read?)


4 responses to “Another bleg: bibliography conversion

  1. Michael, you are such a star!

  2. BTW, you might want to use BibDesk to manage the resulting BibTeX file.

  3. I couldn’t get the regexes working on cb2bib adequately, so I did my own on the text file and imported the result into bibdesk and am hand-editing the result. not too bad…

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