Some pictures from the library

James asked for some pictures of the stacks and the library. I’ve included a bunch over the fold.

First up: here is the citadel itself:

(You can’t see it in this picture, but there are some rather nice whimsical stone carvings.)

I didn’t take a photo of the stacks entrance because of being too squeamish about looking like a tourist, but here’s the corridor that one emerges into after getting out of the lift.

And if one happens to walk in the right direction, one will come to this door:

And if one opens said door, one comes across this:

After a bit of bumping around, the object of one’s quest:


One response to “Some pictures from the library

  1. I did the grad orientation SML tour today and followed this exact path…I was happy to be emptied right into grammars and dictionaries of Austronesian languages when we finally reached the stacks…

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