Elan’s silence recogniser

A brief emergence from business* the point out a wonderful new feature in the most recent release of Elan: auto-silence recogniser. You set the threshold for speech length and silence length and it analyses the sound file and puts in transcription tags. Very cool.

*This time it’s prosody-induced. I’m getting a bunch of Bardi intonation data together, but because the vast majority of my Bardi transcriptions were done in the days before Elan, it’s a time-consuming process.


2 responses to “Elan’s silence recogniser

  1. That sounds like a huge time-saver. Are you finding that it’s pretty accurate?

  2. depends a lot on the recording. It’s better with the Edirol recordings than the redigitsed minidisc recordings, and it’s hopeless of course with the tapes with background noise. But all in all it’s pretty good.

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