A non-post

I’m not allowed to quote from one of the sources that I looked at in the AIATSIS archives but I’m so pleased about this I had to blog about it. I found some genealogies in an unexpected source which turn out to belong to characters in the Laves stories. This is not really a project for now, it’s a long-term job to get permission to work on this source properly and to go through all the information that’s there, but it’ll be a nice complement to the stories when I have the time to pursue it. The Laves stories themselves are free-standing, and I can’t quite describe why it’s so satisfying to find it – perhaps because the stories were undated and the people in them were almost legendary (like Robin Hood, real but untraceable), so it’s very pleasing to be able to find out something about who they were and who their family is.

I also found the genealogy of my namesake (the Bardi person I was named after) and that was pretty cool.

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