Archi Dictionary

Grev Corbett from the Surrey Morphology Group was handing out whizz-bang Archi dictionary CDs at the LFG conference. It’s an English-Archi-Russian dictionary, with the Archi in IPA and Cyrillic. It’s a souped-up dictionary in that it’s got sound and a lot of pictures, and they illustrate the headword clearly. It has a random word+picture viewer, and it’s possible to save entries, print them, copy them, etc. There’s a lot of paradigmatic information in the entries. For anyone learning or studying Archi, this is a really great resource. 

There are a few things that it would be nice to have. One is a search function where you type in part of the word. There’s a look-up function (like a printed dictionary) but I’m keen on fuzzy searching. Maybe that’s not necessary for Archi, though. Another thing is that the Cyrillic Archi headwords lead to a new window with Romanised  Archi.

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