Tips for tourists in Aboriginal Communities

After tourist-watching (which is less fun than whale-watching) for 6 weeks, let me collect a few pointers into a post.

  1. The reson you’re bothering to visit in the first place is because it’s a bit different from other places. Therefore, be prepared to alter your behaviour a little bit.
  2. Bikini tops aren’t appropriate attire for the shop and petrol station. Cover up a little.
  3. If it’s a ‘dry’ community, that means a) you can’t buy alcohol, and b) you can’t sell it.
  4. If you’re asked not to drive around stickybeaking, it’d be a good idea not to do it anyway. It’s really quite irritating having rent-a-cars driving slowly past your house with the passengers peering in your open door while you’re trying to work/cook/dinner/read/etc.
  5. Complaining loudly to the other shoppers and to the checkout people about the price probably won’t help. We all know the prices are really high! You could try asking the manager if they’ll give you a profit analysis.
  6. Don’t expect fuel to be available. Expect arcane soviet-style fuel acquisition procedures.
  7. Enjoy the countryside!

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