I was at the ALS and LFG conferences last week. It was a lot of fun and several rounds of applause should go to Jane Simpson, Pam Peters, Louise de Beuzeville and the other local organisers, and to their team of volunteer helpers, who pulled off a great conference without, it seems, any support from their university.

There were some Australianist offerings, despite the ‘Pacific English’ theme. Alan Dench gave a talk about degrammaticalisation of a 3sg dative clitic in the Pilbara, Bill McGregor talked about existential negation in Nyulnyul (which I may post on separately because it’s different from Bardi in interesting ways) and Eva Schultze-Berndt had a nice paper on Kriol and Jaminjung. Joe Blythe’s paper on Murriny-Patha in the interaction workshop was really interesting (about how referents are introduced and maintained and how that relates to various principles of information minimisation and maximisation).

There were also several Australianist papers in the LFG conference, all of which involved Rachel Nordlinger in some way, either as co-author (on sets as a way of describing anaphoric relations and certain incorporation structures) or as impetus (the speed paper + drinks session on Saturday).

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