What I’m reading

I bought a bunch of new books at ALS and in Broome. I may get around to (micro)reviewing them. Can’t give much information here since I haven’t read them yet!

  • Aboriginal women by degrees: a book of essays by Aboriginal women about their experiences in higher education.
  • Intruder’s guide to East Arnhem Land: Should be a bit of balance to Balanda (it’s described a such by people who’ve read both)
  • France Australe: about French exploration in Western Australia.

And a grammar or two or three:

  • The Grammar of Yalarnnga. I suspect I’ll be blogging about this.
  • Dhanggati grammar and dictionary: A new grammar by Amanda Lissarrague, very clearly set out, with texts, sketch grammar and dictionary.
  • Gumbaynggirr Dictionary and Learner’s Grammar. This looks fun.

Two paper collections:

  • Warra Wiltaniappendi: Strengthening languages. The 2007 ILC proceedings, dedicated to Dr Marika.
  • Encountering Aboriginal Languages (I have a paper in this volume) on case studies in the history of Australian linguistic work. It’s got Schmidt’s map on the cover too, so I won’t have to resort to ILL for reference to the eastern part of the country!

One response to “What I’m reading

  1. Glad to hear some updates about ALS/Lingfest!

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