Aṉangu can’t count

A very interesting (semantically) statement was overheard on ABC radio on the 10-year anniversary of the handback of Uluru to the TOs: [this was the translation from Pitjantjatjara] “Aṉangu can’t count, but even if we could, you couldn’t have counted all the people there – might have been 2,000.”


One response to “Aṉangu can’t count

  1. I once was told “you can’t count that in Tlingit”, and I said “sure you can”, but then the speaker pointed out that the words used (háandit, táawsan) were borrowed from English or Chinook Jargon, and that there weren’t traditional words for numbers that large. Perhaps this is the same thing – they certainly could count that high, but maybe not using traditional numeric terminology.

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