Gala Barnkarda

The work part of the tip is done. For the last session, we finished the Laves texts and did a bunch of mainland place names. Here’s a screenshot of the relevant part of google earth. These are mostly new place names, too (ie not one I’d already recorded). Still got to add the 350 or so names in the dictionary.

Google earth export of pictures in Bardi Country

I’m heading to Broome tomorrow. I’m getting a lift with JS and some of her family. Since the road is now paved most of the way, the chance to make time pass more quickly by talking about syntax has been reduced from 5 hours + to about 2.5. On the other hand, since it’s paved, I have some chance of writing down the answers legiblely!


3 responses to “Gala Barnkarda

  1. The coastal focus of the map is striking.

  2. What software are you using to do this? I do fieldwork in a similarly rural area and would be interested in taking note of place names, building a map similarly… Thanks!

  3. Google Earth. This is done with the free version but I will probably pay for the upgrade to be able to print hi-res maps.
    When you add a marker to the map, you get the option to add the name and description (and change the colours a bit). I have notes on the place in the ‘description’ field, e.g. whether what the feature is, whether it’s an area name or a feature name, notes about things that happened there, etc.
    It’s noticeably easier for places where there are good sat photos (obviously, but it wasn’t originally clear how much difference it would make).

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