Kirrkirr and Lexique: comparison slides


Here’s a link to a set of powerpoint slides I did for the teachers at the school on the pros and cons of Lexique and Kirrkirr. I need to write a proper report, so there’ll be more on this soon.


One response to “Kirrkirr and Lexique: comparison slides

  1. While I like to think that Kirrkirr has some other innovative, good qualities (and you list some), if the item that leaps out most from your comparison is “Does not crash”, that is actually something that we’ve paid enormous attention to (and maybe SIL has to start emphasizing more, as native speakers and other language workers now attempt to use language software). Our early experience (that is, a couple of negative experiences) was that a single crash could very easily lead to the software never being used again (by a certain classroom teacher, etc.). Maybe a decade later, people have gotten a bit more used to random computer crashes, but when there are already lots of issues of confidence, stability seems really important.

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