What I’ve ended up doing

This was the list of possibilities:

  • collecting new stories. Bad idea, there’ll be no time to check them. BE wants to record a couple for her kids and grandkids to listen to, so we’ll do that tomorrow
  • going through some of the materials from last time that I never got around to checking. Possible, but a bit sensitive, since most of the stories are by someone who’s passed away. Nope, no time for this.
  • asking questions based on what’s been transcribed before, without playing the tapes (I’m thinking of doing this) A few questions on this.
  • more elicitation and translation of syntax (some is planned, but of course there’ll always be more to ask) I’m aiming to get done what I’ve prepared. Most of that is possible; that’s part of what we’ve been working on this week.
  • nothing new (to me) – concentration on school materials and explicitly recording for a talking dictionary (I think this isn’t the best use of my time) We’re setting up the Kirrkirr dictionary on the school computers tomorrow, which gives me a good excuse for ‘unmonitored’ recording.
  • playing the Peile recordings of Bardi (we’ve done one or two and the Nimanburru tape) Did a bit of this.
  • Bible translation (something BE has mentioned but not something I’m really qualified to do)
  • More Google earth place names
  • More Laves stories (nearly done now – will finish tomorrow I hope)
  • Realised a little while ago that I didn’t have a good digital minimal pairs list, so we did that last week too (350 or so words, 2 tokens each).

2 responses to “What I’ve ended up doing

  1. A minimal pairs list (or more general phonetic wordlist) recorded digitally. The main recordings for phonetics are from 1990.

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