Top searches for the blog

Top search terms which find Anggarrgoon are my name, google scholar and bibtex, and trepang. Make of this what you will.


5 responses to “Top searches for the blog

  1. the one that crops up at my blog frequently is ‘bedrum’ (Kriol for bedroom). Not sure what it means in whatever European language(s) are being used in google to find my blog….

    but yapa, what are some of the obscure search terms that led ppl to your blog?

  2. What’s this? How do you find out search terms used to find a site?

  3. It’s a wordpress feature in the ‘blog stats’. Not sure where it is on blogspot.
    Unfortunately, the digest only shows top searches. I have to catch the weird ones in the 24-hour stats. I’ll keep an eye out…

  4. It’s fairly easy to hook up WordPress with Google Analytics, which will give you much more insight in stats like that (because records are kept and not deleted).

    Some of the more esoteric search phrases that brought people to The Ideophone include “khoisan + food they eat or dont eat”, “verbs starting with f”, “”wearing a pocket watch”, “antilope beliefs”, “do i have ideophone”, “do we need grammar?”, “verb for talking nonsense”, and “gestures to say thank you in african tribe”.

  5. I think that’s only possible with wordpress hosted on a server, not the wordpress hosted blogs (which is what this is until September when I get my own server).

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