Deadly .. Google Earth

One of the Bardi school teachers [R, since you read this blog let me know if I can identify you :) ] has started a site mapping project with google earth and I did a bit with it today. It worked beyond my wildest dreams. Most of Bardi country now has good res satellite photos. You can see the chasm where those blokes were turned to stone (although not the spot exactly, and it’s a long one…). It’s much easier to see rocks, beach, mangroves, etc, than on maps, and changing the orientation angle makes it possible to look at the shoreline from boat angle, not air view, so it’s easier to find places.

We’re talking about linking this to the computer dictionary to make it easier to locate places. I’m not sure if that’s possible with google earth, but I  guess it can be done with google maps – just add a link to the lat and long to a map in sat. view.


2 responses to “Deadly .. Google Earth

  1. Yes, you absolutely can. You can save them as individual placemarks (*.kml) or a zipped collection of placemarks (*.kmz). Try

    And by the way, this blog has been great for finding out what it’s like to do real field work – thanks!

  2. Thanks! I’ll give it a go.

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