8-10 days to go

I’m thinking about what to do for the last week or so of work. I was going to spend today thinking about it, but BE came to vist about 10:30 so we chatted for a while, had lunch, did a bit of work, chatted some more, and then it was 2:30 or so. Chainsawing and cries of ‘snake!’ from next door required investigation (it was a legless lizard… but when something brown with no legs is sliding over your foot that’s not the first thing that comes to mind), then a little bit of work and it was time for a run. Tomorrow I’m going fishing, and I need to divide some long recordings into individual stories for burning on CD for the speakers and their kids. For some reason my computer won’t burn CDs anymore (it’d do DVDs) – must be the +R or -R thing; I have +R DVDs and -R CDs, it turns out, but that’s never been a problem before that I’ve noticed. So not too much time for prep tomorrow (and I really need a day off after 6-hour elicitation days all week last week).

Anyway, with 8-10 days to go it’s clear I need to finish the Laves texts. That’s doable. I’d say 3 days tops for that, especially if we don’t worry too much about the scrappy texts that won’t be published anyway.

I have a day of elicitation fully prepared at the moment, and probably another day that could be winged if need be.

So, here are the possibilities:

  • collecting new stories. Bad idea, there’ll be no time to check them.
  • going through some of the materials from last time that I never got around to checking. Possible, but a bit sensitive, since most of the stories are by someone who’s passed away.
  • asking questions based on what’s been transcribed before, without playing the tapes (I’m thinking of doing this)
  • more elicitation and translation of syntax (some is planned, but of course there’ll always be more to ask)
  • nothing new (to me) – concentration on school materials and explicitly recording for a talking dictionary (I think this isn’t the best use of my time)
  • playing the Peile recordings of Bardi (we’ve done one or two and the Nimanburru tape)
  • Bible translation (something BE has mentioned but not something I’m really qualified to do)

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