I’ve found three termites crawling on my computer in the last 5 minutes, with not obvious external source (table, cord, etc). This does not look good….


4 responses to “eek.

  1. Gah! Time to start backing up?

  2. Is it silver? You could always try leaving it turned off in the sun for a little while if it can stand up to the heat (i.e. isn’t black plastic and likely to melt/fry a circuit board).

  3. Even if they die inside they’re not likely to damage your computer. There’s not much inside any computer that’s made of paper, so there’s probably nothing for them to eat.

    If you have a refrigerator around, stick it in there for a couple of hours. They’ll probably come out from the cold, if they’re inside it. David’s suggestion is good too.

  4. Jangari, I’m shocked at the suggestion! Backing up happens daily, sometimes twice daily if I’m obsessing enough. Due to ‘technical’ difficulties (ie never being able to get to the ‘post office’ when it’s open) all my backups are in the same place at the moment but I hope to change that *very* soon.

    Nope, it’s black, and these are mighty Kimberley termites – sticking it in the sun wouldn’t do anything I don’t think. The fridge is a good idea but it’s pretty humid at the moment so I’d be worried about condensation in the machine. They don’t just eat paper and stuff here – they eat some types of plastic, that laminate stuff they put on chip board, …

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