Fishing methods

We were talking about ways to go fishing last week. There were the usual fishtraps of different types, lines, spearing, poisons, trepang, and so on. My favourite, though, was dynamite. You take a little charge (“just a little one”), and stick it in a reef pool, and it blows all the fish out of the water.

And here’s the news from Darwin. A dog swallowed a cane toad whole. After 40 minutes in “Bella’s” stomach, “Spew” the toad was vomitted up and hopped away unscathed. Aah, north Australia.


2 responses to “Fishing methods

  1. Make sure you get a measurement on how much dynamite is used. You need that for verifiability and reproducibility. I’m sure someone will show up in ten years with your grammar in hand wanting to elicit terms for dynamite fishing and will use too much or not enough.

  2. Yep. I’ve heard that some cousins of mine blew themselves up while dynamite-fishing. Now, while it was the middle of winter, and they were said to have been heavy drinkers, I can’t help but think they would have survived if only they’d had access to a grammar that really treated this domain with enough detail and thoroughness.

    And, of course, with *properly* segmented examples…

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