For the record: stuff I forgot to bring

There were some things I forgot to pack for fieldwork:

  • I’ve lost the reading glasses I meant to bring for speakers.
  • Had to buy a video charger thing in Broome, because I brought the wrong one (brought the Edirol charger instead; they look identical but they’re different voltage). Luckily for me Broome is now 15,000 people and has an electronics shop.
  • I left my hard copies of the AGSO 1:50,000 maps in the US. That’s annoying. The dictionary maps aren’t bad but I have about double the place names on mine, and I have all of Bardi country, not just the main sites. This is probably the biggest annoyance. I have scans of some places but the school printer’s broken and my portable printer only does 3×5 thermal pages. This is especially a pain because we’re going to Sunday Island for a school camp in a week or so and there’ll be a chance for site mapping. Should’ve bought that GPS after all too.

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