First week

I can’t quite believe the first week has gone already. Too quick! It’s been pretty social. The school had a fete on Thursday (which was great, all the good fete things like sausage sizzles, show bags, and some Northern touches like really good satay and polished trochus shells). They’re raising money for a camp on Sunday Island. Education Dept safety rules mean that they have to charter a boat with life jackets and so on for the 20 min trip, so it’s costing a fair bit, and the trip was to raise money for it.

Then on Friday the flying bibleman came out so BE took me along. I got a CD of Pitjantjatjara hymns.

We’re on track for Laves stories. If we keep going at this pace we’ll get them all done with a few days to spare. It’s going really well, getting lots of interesting information about the stories, and there is a lot of interest in publishing at least some of them.

We’ve done a bunch of other things too. 30 of my 100 misc queries as part of revising the grammar (the ones of the type ‘what’s this fish?’, not ‘sort out the deixis system’, unfortunately) and I did some PUT project video descriptions, which was cool.

My phone’s not connected yet (and I think someone needs to do a study of the semantic entailment judgements of Telstra workers, since to me, saying “May 27th is the last date by which your phone will be fixed, but it could be a lot earlier” can only be true if Telstra believes in spontaneous regeneration of dial tone, given that the fixer guy’s coming out on May 27th. 

Next week I think the focus will be Laves, with a few other things to break it up.


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