Bardi Kirrkirr

It seems like there’s a fair interest in computer stuff for Bardi, so I’ve been looking into KirrKirr and Lexique for the school computers. Lexique is crashing on my computer and it’s somewhat text-heavy (and the audio isn’t working) – I want something that’s fairly intuitive to use, and it doesn’t really need to be editable. Sound would be really helpful and pictures and so on too.

Linda (aka Tulugaq) has been doing things with Bardi when she’s not working on Iñupiaq, and that included converting a version of my Bardi database to Kirrkirr-compatible xml. I’ve added to it now, and got a working version of the public database with minimal errors. It still needs a lot more work: sound files need to be added, and pictures, and the cross-referencing is minimal (because I can’t find my regular expressions editor software and didn’t feel like doing it by hand).

Many thanks to Chris Manning and the KirrKirr team for access to the software, and to Linda for the initial conversion that made it much easier to get it working in a hurry.


One response to “Bardi Kirrkirr

  1. I’m glad it’s working. I wasn’t sure my initial conversion would be useful at all. Let me know if you need more work on the photos (resizing to a standard width or whatever).

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