Still in Broome

Travel has been surprisingly good so far … until this morning. My lift didn’t show up. Looks like there are a few other options, though, so in the meantime I’m doing some more prep for fieldwork, watching jabarra lizards scuttling round in the sun, keeping an eye on the bower bird in the garden and my washing, and I went to the gym this morning (the sole advantage of a 4am lift is if it doesn’t turn up there’s still time to go to the gym before work!). I’m staying with lovely people (JH and ER, for those who know Broome linguists) who know everyone, so in the end my trip up the Peninsula may be even better than it otherwise would have been.

One thing I had wanted to do before I left was go through my draft grammar for obvious gaps. I did a bit of opportunistic work of that kind, but now’s a chance for a bit more systematic marshalling of absences, as it were. I’m at a dangerous stage with Bardi: I know it pretty well, and at this stage I’ve forgotten why I know things about the language, which raises the possibilities for false memories, mistakes through carelessness, and the like.


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