In Broome

Back on fieldwork, this time in Broome on my way to One Arm Point. I’ve broken several of my own rules so far, to my cost. One was ‘check your equipment before you leave’, which I didn’t do because of the rush to make sure that vital items didn’t get packed. I brought the wrong adaptor: the one for the Edirol, which I don’t need because I always use AA batteries for this, and not the video, which has its own nonstandard battery and so needs a charger. Luckily Broome is now big enough to have an electronics shop and I could get another one.

I’ve been spending the last few days travelling and catching up with sleep, friends and a little work. Today I bought some spices and food things for the next few weeks. The last time I was in that supermarket was 5 years ago and I was given a ‘bush tucker’ narrative by the lady I was with for each of the things we were buying, which made the time go quickly.

[As always on fieldwork, internet is either sketchy or nonexistent, so the temporality of posting might be a bit … stochastic…]


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