Arizona Linguistics Meeting

I’m at LAX on my way to Australia. I’ve just had a blast of a weekend at AZANLI. We were magnificently taken care of, wellhoused and wellfed, and there were lots of interesting talks. Off the top of my head (and apologies to the other talks I enjoyed but which aren’t coming to mind now), I learnt about Blackfoot lullabies and Moroccan hiphop, saw some excellent ethnographic films (final projects in an anthropology class) about Yaqui Easter celebrations, a Tucson drag club and Paiute weavers, heard a couple of different historical talks, including Jane Hill’s plenary on Uto-Aztecan and Andy Wedel’s simulation of divergence and convergence, and Chris Potts’ talk on exclamatives, which has given me a bunch of things to think about and test for Bardi. I believe that podcasts of the plenaries and talk handouts will be on the conference website soon.

One response to “Arizona Linguistics Meeting

  1. it was a blast to have you, Claire! looking forward to the return engagement. :) have fun, find out nifty stuff, stay safe —

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