Anggi ngajoogal barnanggarr?

Ngayoo… moodigang bard arr nganjoogal Katy-ngan, moodigangab jina woobijal mayalan. Niimana ambooriny. Ginyinggon garra garra garra I-10-nyarr  bard arr nganjoon … goolngan. Aarlimay nganarligal, milimili nganjal, nganngan nganganka … milimili nganamboona biggestmob. Warrgam nganmankal… warrgam warrgam… Roowil ngannyanggalirr libraryngan milimili, agal nyalab jan baarlingan. Gaari nganibin arinyji.

[What I did today – had to look up two words and neither were in the dictionary. oops. One was how to say ‘car’ in Bardi; I’m pretty sure it’s /mutika/ but moodiga looks really really wrong. The other was ‘hospital’, which is ‘wupthal’ in Yan-nhaŋu and isn’t in there either.)

5 responses to “Anggi ngajoogal barnanggarr?

  1. non solum hic primo Bardorum lingua de Katya Texarum scriptum est, sed etiam de I-X via. o die frabjuose.

  2. David Marjanović

    o die

    I’m quite sure the E-declension doesn’t have a separate vocative. And de means “about” — like Russian, Classical Latin had no “of”.

  3. But that’s the sense of de here – ‘not only is there writing about Katy, but also about I-10′.

  4. “biggestmob”–you aren’t pulling our leg, are you?

  5. That’s a perfectly legit Kriol codeswitch!

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