XeLaTeX and XeTeX

I’ve got XeLaTeX and unicode LaTeXing working on my laptop (PC, XP/SP2). Here’s what I did:

I’m using WinShell as the editor. (Normally I use WinEdt, which I like better, but winedt isn’t unicode compliant, thus defeating the purpose of trying out XeLaTeX.)

I’m using MikTeX as the compiler. It has XeLaTeX and XeTeX bundled with it.

I had to define a user process to call ‘xelatex’ (although you could just change the LaTeX button too, probably).

I then tested the setup with some of Daniel Stender’s Devanagari examples. That downloaded the necessary additional packages and did the font setup.

And Robert’s your mother’s brother! Yan-nhaŋu without \uld for ḏ, etc!

Updated because as William pointed out, I did mean WinEdt and not Winedit (the link was right).

8 responses to “XeLaTeX and XeTeX

  1. I think you mean WinEdt. WinEdit is a different editor.

  2. Welcome to the XeLaTeX fold. The documentation for it is dismal, but the ability to input Unicode text directly made it worth it for me.

  3. If you ever have any questions about Xe(La)Tex, just ask the mailing list: http://tug.org/mailman/listinfo/xetex

    The developer, Jonathan Kew, is quick to reply to most problems, and the list denizens are good at pointing you in the right direction for most other questions.

    If you’re working with XeLaTeX you should spend some quality time reading the fontspec manual. This package supplies a fairly complete LaTeX-style system for loading and specifying fonts, particularly all the various OpenType options. It’s fairly easy to use and the manual is really well written (and very pretty too!). Will Robertson is always posting on the list and is very helpful.

  4. Albert Kapune

    Thank you for this short introduction to XeTeX which was very useful to me. Could please post (or e-mail) your “XeLaTeX” script for WinShell?

  5. Hi Albert,
    You define a ‘user program’.
    In the exe-file line you put the path for xelatex. Mine is \\miktex\bin\xelatex.exe

    Then in the cmd line you put something like
    -src-specials -interaction=nonstopmode “%s.tex”

    Make sure you turn off ‘latex first’- you don’t want it to latex the doc.

  6. Is there any difference between XeLatex and XeTex ?

  7. XeLaTeX is the equivalent of LaTeX and XeTeX is the equivalent of TeX. Most people use LaTeX.

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