Leaving Rice

Now that things are reasonably official, it seems appropriate to announce that I will be leaving Rice at the end of this semester. I’m joining Yale’s linguistics department in the fall.

I’ve enjoyed my four years in Texas but moving back to New England will be good, too. I doubt, though, that New Haven can compete with the San Jacinto monument, a 1:20 replica of the Forbidden City (plus 1:7 models of the Terracotta Warriors) and a house made out of beer cans.

11 responses to “Leaving Rice

  1. Benjamin Girard-Bond

    Congratulations Claire!!!!

  2. Congratulor tibi!

  3. Congrats!

  4. That’s great to hear — congratulations!

  5. It’ll be nice to have you back in New England; maybe you’ll drop in up here in Cambridge once in a while.

  6. It’s a little bit further away than Texas is from One Arm Point though, no?

  7. Good onya Claire,
    and congratulations to Yale on a sound appointment.

  8. Thanks all! Jangari, it’s probably about the same in terms of time. Maybe an hour longer. It’s 15980 miles vs 17037 as the crow flies, but since it’s by 747 most of the way and not crow, that’s a bit misleading.

  9. I have no idea how you got 15980 or 17037. As the crow flies, it’s 10600 miles one-way from New Haven to Broome, and about 13200 via Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Melbourne and Perth. From Houston it’s about 9950 as the crow flies and about 1200 via LA, Melbourne, and Perth. http://gc.kls2.com/cgi-bin/gc?PATH=hvn-bmehvn-phl-lax-mel-per-bme&RANGE=&PATH-COLOR=red&PATH-UNITS=mi&PATH-MINIMUM=&SPEED-GROUND=&SPEED-UNITS=kts&RANGE-STYLE=best&RANGE-COLOR=navy&MAP-STYLE=
    It’s probably a bit more than an hour slower, too.

  10. I used one of those global distance measuring sites. Not Great Circle Mapper, though. Obviously it was measuring a parallel world.