Language of the week: Zyphe

We’re up to z in the language of the week and I chose the last language in ethnologue’s list. However, Zyphe turns out to have been a bad choice for blogging about, since there’s very little information that I can find. A search under the alternate name Zophar on google scholar turns up 9 hits.

In short, it’s an enigmatic Tibeto-Burman language spoken in Burma and India by about 20,000 people. The amount of information available seems to be zippo.

We’ll start round the alphabet again next week. Remember, I take requests for languages of the week and welcome guest columns. If you want to write up your favourite language, be my guest.

4 responses to “Language of the week: Zyphe

  1. I’m glad you’re going around again. Would you mind posting a list of the languages you did the first time around to save us hunting for them?


  2. Hi Michael,
    Languages of the week is basically a list of previous posts.

  3. Let me know when you get around to doing “T”, I’ll be happy to provide a writeup on Tlingit.

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