What I’ve been up to

The blog silence has been caused by work. Specifically, I believe the technical term is “a bunch of cool stuff” which unfortunately happened to happen all at the same time. Don’t try and replicate my recent activities.

1) I’ve submitted a grant proposal for a cooperative effort in looking at the linguistics of hunter-gatherer communities. I’ve wanted to do this for ages. It’s a collaborative project between linguists, archaeologists, geneticists and anthropologists on looking at language change, shift and spread, using a couple of different case studies.

2) I finished up the introduction and an article for a volume on the historical linguistics of complex predication. It’s currently under review. This was enough work that I want separate blog posts out of it.. Stay tuned.

3) I called One Arm Point to get permission to go back in the northern summer for work on the Laves stories. That all went well, so while it’s not quite ‘all set’, it’s close enough to all set that I think it’s ok to mention it here.

4) Proofs out of my eyeballs. Camera ready copy in Word. It’s been a week and I’m still stunned at what a stupid piece of software Word is. Last time I did this I maintained that it would have been quicker to re-typeset everything in LaTeX, because although it’s more time-consuming in the short time, it only needs to be done once.


4 responses to “What I’ve been up to

  1. Claire – we gave up battling Word to produce Language Documentation and Description and last year shifted to Adobe InDesign – you can flow content into it from Word but it gives you proper control over formatting and layout. Perhaps you could look at it as an alternative to going back to LaTeX?

  2. LaTeX itself is improving rapidly of late, especially in the guise of XeTeX/XeLaTeX which supports Unicode, OpenType, complex scripts, etc.

  3. I quite like LaTeX, and I’ve used it for some reasonably complex docs (dissertation,Yan-nhaŋu learner’s guide, etc). My mother-in-law used indesign (I think…) for a family history book an has endless trouble with the footnotes.
    James, are you a PC user? If so, have you got XeLateX working on your computer? I haven’t tried since the last update but I couldn’t work it out before and the instructions were rather opaque.

  4. It all sounds exciting — you are hereby forgiven for your blogging silence!

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