Recent Books

Time for a roundup of what I’ve been reading.

I bought the Crowley and Bright Gedenkschriften at the LSA (both published by John Benjamins). They both have a nice collection of papers and in the first case at least I’m sure the honorand would have been delighted. The first is an eclectic collection of super papers, mostly on Australian and Oceanic topics. The latter is on grammar writing.

This is not typical linguistic fieldwork but it struck me that Claudi Roden’s Book of Jewish Food is an excellent model for fieldwork, data collection, and ethnography. It’s a cookbook (and a good one to boot), in that it contains a whole bunch of recipes, but it’s more than that. It’s more a culinary ethnography, in that we also get information about recipe variations, stories which are associated with particular dishes, the festivals with which some dishes are associated, information about the person from whom the recipe was obtained in some cases, and, true to the current flavour of ethnography, there’s the author’s views and perspective on the data (that is, there’s a type of confessional autoethography to this as well).

Speaking of confessional ethnography, I also read ‘Gang Leader for a Day‘ recently. That deserves its own post though.


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