Frog Stories

such as Frog, where are you? are categorised as “action and adventure” on Amazon. So true!

2 responses to “Frog Stories

  1. High adventure for sure.

    Plus, it was certainly an adventure getting Iñupiaq speakers to either name or describe the frog (not many amphibians in the arctic). I’m perversely determined to get a copy of Mayer’s book “Hiccup” so I can do it all over again with ‘hippopotamus’.

  2. Ah, Wayi-tjjalbu jabalng, sneaking out at night from his comfy home to get some jiggy-jiggy, what could be more adventurous?

    By the way, in Sydney, Gleebooks has (or used to, or can get) all 6 of the frog stories.

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