Field linguistics opportunity

From Wangka Maya Language Centre:

Wangka Maya is looking for expressions of interest from linguists who are interested in short contracts of between 2 and 6 months, and involving a considerable amount of field work. If you know anyone who would like to conduct field work, or of a linguistic student looking for a Western Australian language to work with, please pass on our contact details. Would be very happy to see if we can accommodate their needs.

Wangka Maya may provide a return flight, accommodation, a vehicle for work use and a contract at $35 per hour. Linguists can be paid  a contracted figure amount based on the achievement of specific outcomes (25% up front, 50% during project, 25% on presentation of material) or a fortnightly amount on presentation of materials to demonstrate progress.

Students can not be paid if their work is part of a study program, but support will be given in the form of accommodation, a vehicle and on-going professional development. Linguistic students who would like work experience that is outside of their course of study can be paid. The minimum amount of time we suggest for this type of work experience is 2 weeks.

Would you please circulate this information amongst your networks. Many thanks!

Sue Hanson
Senior Linguist

Wangka Maya Pilbara Aboriginal Language Centre
PO Box 2736
South Hedland WA 6722
ph: (08) 9172 2344 fax: (08)9172 2355

Eleonora Deak
Wangka Maya Pilbara Aboriginal Language Centre
PO Box 2736
Sth Hedland WA, 6722
ph: (08) 9172 2344       fax: (08) 9172 2355

‘An Aboriginal non-government organisation working towards the recording, analysis, preservation and use of the Pilbara’s thirty-one Indigenous languages.’


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