Bloggers meeting

We had a very enjoyable bloggers evening at the LSA, we being The Tensor, Mark (LanguageLog), Ben Zimmer (OUP), Neil (Literal Minded), Conor (Conor, what’s your blog address?), Sally (LanguageLog), Russell (Noncompositional), and who have I forgotten? We had some fun going back through the years of [the] LSSU’s lists of banned words [see e.g. the Tensor’s post here] and talked about Sally’s IPA post, amongst other things of course.


One response to “Bloggers meeting

  1. Well sis, it’s only got two entries: me of all people found himself tongue-tied once he finally got a digital soapbox to stand on. But one of them is fun. And eventually I’ll find more to say, I think. So:

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