My field posts have now ended, so it’s probably appropriate to sum up what I’ve done in the month or so since I’ve been back. I gave a talk in Darwin and hung out with some friends, and got to see the Telstra Art Award finalists. That was great! I knew four of the artists, including the adopted brother of the teacher I stayed with for the last week or so at Milingimbi, and my mami, who had a fantastic fish trap there, and two elders from the Kimberley.

Since coming back I’ve been working on an article or two, catching up, backing up, doing grant work reconstruction, and migrating the Yan-nhaŋu dictionary to TshwaneLex for final editing [see this post on how I did it, and this post on how it’s going]. I gave a talk at the University of Rochester’s linguistics department and got lots of great feedback on the areal work I’ve been doing with Karnic. At the moment I’m looking into GIS mapping options for the representation of historical data. Wrist issues have curtailed the amount of transcription I’ve been doing, but I have been going through some of the more urgent recordings, like the clan and language discussion I did for the Yolŋu part of the AUSTLANGS database. That produced a bunch of new meanings for a heap of words, hence more dictionary work!

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  1. A very good open source GIS program I’ve tinkered with is qgis. You might want to look at it. I haven’t done anything serious with it yet, but I was impressed with what I had found so far.

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