“Science of Man” Bleg

Does anyone know if there’s a table of contents online for Science of Man (it’s the journal of the Royal Anthropological Society of Australasia and sank without a trace in 1913)? Copies seem pretty hard to come by and I don’t think Rice’s library will be too pleased if I ILL the lot.


3 responses to ““Science of Man” Bleg

  1. I am not aware whether the table of contents is available. But, you can try the following:
    Go to the AIATSIS library catalogue, MURA (www.mura.aiatsis.gov.au)
    Click ‘more search options’
    Type S57/63 in the first box
    Select ‘words or phrase’ for the second box and type sciece of man.
    Click search
    You will get 352 search results – headings from Science of Man

  2. Depends what you want the table for, but OZBIB (online yet though) lists around 90 items from Science of Man, presumably all the ones with language info.

  3. thanks Kazuko and David! I tried mura with just ‘Science of Man’ and got too many hits the first time. A copy of Ozbib and I are many thousands of miles away from each other at the moment.

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